Panaphragm is a revolutionary comfort solution that combines the benefits of both suspension and contoured pan designs. While minimizing cushion thickness and weight, it maximizes passenger comfort and living space.

Our Panaphragm Integrated Seat Bottom Module will revolutionize your passenger experience. The Panaphragm module takes advantage of the benefits of both a contoured rigid seat pan as well as those of a suspension diaphragm. When used in an integrated fashion, the contoured pan will protect the passenger from coming in contact with seat components underneath the cushion-while the diaphragm minimizes passenger contact pressures greatly increasing passenger comfort. The use of the diaphragm significantly increases the life of the cushion and reduces required cushion thickness, therefore providing increased living space and reduced weight per pax.

Panaphragm™ Integrated Seat Bottom Module eliminates contact with the seat's underlying components and minimizes overall passenger contact pressures. This module delivers increased living space, extended durability and an optimal comfort solution with a streamlined, modern appearance.

This innovative solution allows for a more sleek design which will streamline and modernize your cabin interior style without compromising durability and comfort. It can be incorporated in new cabins as well as onto existing seat structures.

The Panaphragm module is a higher-level assembly supplied with the diaphragm installed, which reduces the number of inventoriable parts.

Panaphragm can be provided with cushion and dress cover installed as a single SKU. The option of a fixed bonded cushion and dress cover unit is also available.

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