Franklin Products sees every relationship as a partnership, and therefore handle all business on a win-win philosophy. If there is any portion of your business we can help with, then we are here to assist. We have developed entire departments to temporarily take on processes for our suppliers to help them temporarily loosen bottlenecks, helped with quality issues at the source no matter the source of the problems, we have helped streamline the supply chain to minimize work and part number inventory for our customers, and we expedite beyond expectations to help out.


Durability Studies

Because Franklin Products engineering is proven out tirelessly, your final product comes with a warrantee you can trust. We perform durability, flammability, and gravitational tests on materials including fabrics, leathers, and foams as well as various cushion design options to better serve your vision and ensure customer satisfaction. Contact our sales team to find out more about testing we can do for your team.

Ergonomic Studies

Let our extensive ergonomic experience serve you. Franklin Products uses principles of ergonomics in every aspect of our product design and development with the help of our own certified professional ergonomist of 25 years. We have developed systematic methodologies to optimize long-term comfort and durability in our products, which include the use of objective pressure mapping technology, expert evaluations that are based on ergonomics guidelines, and subjective user questionnaire evaluations during the lifecycle of our products. Contact us to find out more.

Design Workshops

Our design workshops help you take your concept to reality through passenger-driven engineering, partnership, and collaboration.  Our team will educate you on what optimizes a comfort system through factors like cost, ergonomics, safety, aesthetics, style, and work/living space evaluation.   Franklin Products’ unique approach to making seats and mattresses comfortable for your passengers ensures for optimal eating, working, and sleeping space, and when both we and our customers are on the same page, it results in win-win solutions.


When a Franklin Products design concept passes through the development and production phases, our customer service doesn’t stop there.  Contact us to find out more about how our international delivery, kitting, and in-line delivery services can enhance your production experience with both production and aftermarket products.


Ask us what we can do to help you, as we are here to help.